How to extract a field from a Rails model using the Mikado Method

by Miguel Angel

In our environment, there are many times when a new field is added to a Rails model; after some time, that field feels that may not belong to the model any more. Let’s look at a simple case. Originally we created a model in the system- a Payment like this:...

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Welcome Rubén!

Hello everyone! We are happy to present our new Software Engineer! Our new flyMate, Rubén Antón! Our new flyMate, Rubén. Rubén brings to the table some freshness, since he finished Computer Engineering degree last year, he has been working on FacileThings, a GTD app, building the mobile applications. After his...

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Welcome Jose!

Hi everyone! I am very pleased to welcome Jose, our latest addition to our great development team. Our new flyMate, Jose. After more than 10 years working at several international consultancies as a Penetration Tester, Jose is joining us as our new Security Engineer. He is very involved in the...

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Automating apps' booting with Babushka

by Emma

The humble command When you are in your local environment and you want to start a rails application bundle exec rails server is the only command you (normally) need. We love that comfort. Yet our dev team deals with a number of web apps, api apps, daemons and background services...

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Welcome Miguel!

Hello everyone! Say hello to our new Dev Intern, Miguel. Our new peerMate, Miguel. Miguel has almost finished his bachelor degree in Business and is a programming enthusiast. He spent last year studying in the country of chocolate and beer -Belgium- under an Erasmus programme. He enjoyed it a lot,...

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