How to not go crazy with Slack in your first week as a flywire employee

First day as a flywire employee. You create an account in slack and you ask your colleagues: “Which channels I totally should be in?”, one says: “You have to be in #valencia-office, #water-cooler, #dev and #engineering for sure”, another adds: “Oh, don’t forget to be also in #dev-infra, #dev-testing and... Read more

Welcome Javi!

Say hello to our new frontend, Javi. Our new peerMate, Javi. We are pleased to present you our new FlyMate Javier Arques, who joins the Engineering team as a Frontend Developer. Let’s talk about him: Javi was born in a small town in Murcia, Archena. He studied Computer Engineering and... Read more

Trucos para que tu código no aparezca en los Papeles de Panamá

Miguel Ángel introduces some techniques we are using at Flywire for refactoring code (in Spanish). Read more

Keep Calm and Agile Testing

Marta participated in Woman Techmakers Castellón 2016 and gave an interesting talk about testing (in Spanish). The last ten minutes are epic! Read more

Testbash 2016

On the second week of March, the whole Flywire Software Testing team (yeah, all two of us!) went to Brighton (UK) for Testbash. TestBash is a Software Testing conference hosted by the Ministry of Testing, and it is not a conference like any other. Talks go on a single track,... Read more